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Studia Logica publishes papers employing formal tools from Mathematics and Logic. Additionally, empirical and philosophical considerations can be directed toward the formal properties of these systems. The scope of papers published in Studia Logica covers all scientific disciplines. The key criterion for acceptance of papers is not their topic but their method: they are required to contain significant and original results concerning formal systems and their properties. If you can make your research Mathematically precise, Studia Logica welcomes you to submit your paper. more...

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Recently two articles on the applications of the Rasiowa-Sikorski Lemma to arithmetic were published online in Studia Logica without proper examination and beyond reasonable standards of scholarly rigor. As it turned out, they contained an irrrepairable mistake and, consequently, have been retracted from the journal’s website. The papers will not appear in print.

I want to thank all our readers who alerted us to this unfortunate incident. I feel responsible for the reputation damage caused by these publications, and I want to offer my sincere apologies to the scientific community and the author.

The managing editors of Studia Logica testify that the review process at Studia Logica meets the highest scholarly standards of rigour, and that the two papers mentioned above were the only exceptions to the rule that papers are accepted solely on the basis of careful and strict anonymous reviewing.

Jacek Malinowski
Studia Logica

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